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Glass Bar Countertop Glass Restaurant Garage Door Cornelia GA

Project Description

Fenders is a restaurant in Cornelia GA and they hired our certified team to purchase and install two doors for their bar. You can now order beer at the walk-up counters in the bar area. This glass garage door is a great addition to the bar area making it an open space for customers to order and interact with the bartenders. 

We offer glass doors from many different manufacturers. If you call us to find the perfect door for your restaurant, we will make sure we match your needs with the perfect door. Some of our popular manufacturers and models include Arm-R-Lite, Clopay Avante, and Raynor AV175.

Commercial Glass Doors

The addition of commercial glass doors to any business space is a wonderful idea. Commercial glass comes with many beneficial features, including natural light, energy efficiency, and low maintenance. During construction for commercial doors, glass is typically paired with aluminum frames. This enhances the durability of the glass and increases its longevity. Most commercial glass doors can be customized to fit your design wishes. You have the creative freedom to choose the type of glass, color, finish, and size of your commercial glass.

Types of Glass

Clear: Clear glass is a classic option, which can benefit businesses who want a clear view inside the interior. For storefronts and other retail businesses, this can be a great way to showcase new merchandise.

Tinted: Tinted glass offers more privacy than clear, but still will allow natural light to stream into the building. Tinted glass can help block UV rays from the sun and comes in different coatings and finishes.

Frosted: Frosted glass adds a little bit more privacy than tinted glass. Peppered with snowy white specks, it’s a great way to still receive benefits from glass, such as natural light and energy efficiency.

Safety: Safety glass is constructed with durability in mind. Specific types of safety glass include security glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and wired glass. If you are in a building where severe weather is common, it may be worth it to invest in safety glass. In times of destruction, safety glass can withstand strong forces. If it does shatter, certain types of glass are built to break more safely. An example is tempered glass, which breaks into small balls when shattering.

Insulated: We always recommend insulating your commercial glass door. Insulation helps with better energy efficiency and temperature control. With insulation, you can get dual-pane glass, gas-filled glass, and treated glass.

Learn More About Countertop Glass Doors

Countertop glass doors are a great addition for buildings in need of smaller windows or a to go counter. With this project, countertop glass made a great addition for a bar at Fenders in Cornelia GA. If you are looking to have a countertop glass door installed in your building, give Aaron Overhead Doors a call! We’re happy to provide commercial glass door installation.