Living Room Glass Garage Doors For Outdoor Living

Living Room Glass Garage Doors

Glass Garage Doors Opening From Living Room To Outdoor Pool Area

Check out these unique glass garage doors! Our client wanted to open the space from their living room to the outdoor living area near the pool. With these full-view glass doors open, it’s now easy to entertain their family and friends during nice weather. Then, the doors can be closed to secure their home and create a barrier against cold weather or storms. These full-view glass garage doors serve a unique functional need while also adding great visual appeal to our client’s pool area. 

Why We Love ArmRLite Glass Garage Doors

These three glass garage doors were manufactured by ArmRLite, a women-owned and operated overhead door company in New Jersey. They are known for having the best warranty on glass garage doors and providing a welded aluminum anodized frame. Their glass garage doors are durable, stylish, and highly customizable. We love recommending their products as the standard for glass garage doors for both homes and businesses. 

These particular glass garage doors are the Titan model from ArmRLite. The design features wider rails and stiles compared to their Electra model, creating a strong, modern look. As you can see by the unique construction of these glass garage doors, the Titan is highly customizable in size. They are customizable in terms of finish including four standard anodized aluminum finishes, faux wood finishes, fluropon finishes, and powder-coated finishes. You can create a glass garage door design that is entirely your own with the incredible options from ArmRLite!

What’s Great About Genie 6170 Garage Door Openers

One unique element of this garage door installation was our need to match the interior roof pitch. Because the ceiling rose at an angle, we installed the track to follow the roof pitch, creating a seamless flow as the garage door goes up and down. 

We completed the interior garage door system with Genie 6170 garage door openers. These wall-mount garage door openers are a leading option because they provide maximum, reliable lifting power for heavy glass garage doors like these. Genie garage door openers also come with Aladdin Connect, allowing these homeowners to monitor and control their garage doors from a smartphone. Modern advancements like this give you a convenient way to access and secure your home from anywhere. 

Beyond maximum strength and easy use, the Genie 6170 also comes with Safe-T-Beam sensors to keep your family and pets safe, rolling operation codes to prevent anyone from hacking into your remotes or openers, and door locks to secure your home against invaders. All these incredible features make it easy for us to recommend this wall-mount garage door opener to our customers. 

Learn More About Your Options Glass Garage Doors!

Aaron Overhead Doors has three locations: Buford, Milton, and Buckhead GA. Milton and Buckhead feature full garage door showrooms with glass garage doors like these on display. 

As a leading garage door company in the Metro Atlanta Area, it is the goal of Aaron Overhead Doors to provide the best garage door service for homes and businesses. We are here to help you make the best choice when it comes to upgrading your property with quality garage doors. We provide garage door installation, repair, and maintenance with a team of friendly, industry-certified technicians. 

Whether you like full-view glass garage doors or want to explore more options, we are here to help. Contact us with any questions or book a free consultation online today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Details Overview

Garage Door Brand: ArmRLite

Garage Door Model: Titan

Garage Door Color: Anodized Black Aluminum

Garage Door Opener Brand: Genie

Garage Door Opener Model: 6170