Amarr Classica Carriage Garage Door Installation - Dacula GA


Project Description

We installed these Amarr Classica garage doors in Dacula GA. These doors are manufactured by Amarr and installed and sold by Aaron Overhead Doors. Amarr’s Classica Series comes in many different designs with and without windows. As one of the most unique steel garage doors in the carriage category, this door is made in 3 sections for a 7′ and 8′ garage door openings. Typical steel garage doors come in 4 sections for a 7′ opening and 5 sections for an 8′ opening. The Amarr Classica comes in 3 options for construction, 1000, 2000, and 3000. The 1000 series is a noninsulated garage door. The 2000 series is a polystyrene garage door, and the 3000 is a urethane injected garage door.

Because the sections are taller by about 7″ your windows if you choose to have them added are much larger than a typical steel garage door.