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Common Garage Door Opener Issues

Ever try opening your garage door and, when you press the button, nothing happens? This is a common problem among homeowners. Below, we’ll discuss some common garage door opener issues that keep your door from opening or closing. 

Garage Door Opener Issues

Gear & Sprocket Assembly

One problem that prevents your door from opening could be the gear and sprocket assembly. In LiftMaster garage door openers, a motor turns the gear and drive shaft inside the opener, which rotates the sprocket attached to the top of the drive shaft. This turns the chain and moves the door. If a problem occurs with this mechanism, most of the time, the problem is with the ridges in the gear. These metal parts wear out because the gear lubrication has evaporated over time. As a result of the worn gear, the sprocket cannot turn the chain and the door will not open or close. Specific problems with this mechanism include stripped gears or a broken sprocket. 

If this is your garage door opener issue, you will need maintenance or repair to fix it. For a maintenance consultation, we can simply lubricate and tighten all the opener parts. We then run an operational test to ensure all your parts are working correctly again. However, if any of these parts are broken, you may need a complete gear or sprocket replacement. In this case, we suggest replacing both at the same time to ensure proper operation.

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Limit Switches

Another common garage door issue might be with your screw drive limit switches. These can come loose or go bad over years of frequently operating your garage door. The two types of limit switches are mechanical and magnetic. Both are mounted directly to the garage door opener rail. 

To fix a problem with your limit switches, a garage door technician will need to examine your garage door parts in person. They can identify if the switches are loose or need replacing. With tools and parts we keep stocked in our trucks, we can usually repair your limit switches quickly. 

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Safety Eyes

Perhaps the most common reason your opener won’t operate your garage door is an issue with the safety eyes. These are sensitive eyes sensors located at the bottom corners of your garage door. Safety eyes ensure that children, pets, or objects are not obstructing the safety eyes’ signal. This means, to allow the door to close, the safety eyes must maintain a clear line of sight to one another. If that line is obstructed, the broken signal tells the opener to stop closing. This is a great mechanism because it prevents you or a loved one from being accidentally injured by the garage good. 

If your garage door issue is with the eye sensors, the good news is that this is typically an easy fix. For a DIY option, you can try cleaning the sensors with a soft cloth and readjust their placement so they meet. If your garage door still reverses on its own, you may need to schedule a repair appointment. One of our expert technicians can check the wiring or readjust the sensors to get them working again. To learn more about garage door safety eyes, visit our blog, Garage Door Won’t Close Safety Eyes.

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Beyond just these three circumstances, there are other garage door opener issues that could cause your garage door not to work. Also, the reason your garage door won’t open may be unrelated to your garage door opener. Broken springs, off track rollers, and damaged panels are also common reasons your garage door won’t function. If you need more help with your garage door opener or any other repairs, contact us today! One of our trained technicians can quickly be at your home and ready to fix your garage door. 

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