Sommer 2060 EVO+ Garage Door Opener - Opener Installation

Sommer evo+ 2060 Garage Door Opener

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sommer evo+ 2060

Sommer 2060 evo+ Garage Door Opener

Price: $275
  • Quiet Operation with direct drive and DC motor
  • Advanced object and force detection system to protect your family
  • Optimal speed for opening and closing door
  • LED technology for bright lighting
  • Automatic locking to prevent break ins
  • Standard installation is $200 (Listed price based on product only)

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The SOMMER 2060 evo+ 3/4 HP garage door opener is a great modern opener to upgrade any garage door system. What makes this opener stand out is its use of direct drive technology. This means the motor smoothly glides on a fixed chain. Because of this, the motor creates virtually no vibrations, making it one of the quietest openers on the market. Silent operation is an especially great quality if you have a bedroom above or beside the garage. Additionally, the traveling motor affixes directly to the door, which means there is only one moving part. This design makes the SOMMER 2060 opener an incredibly reliable and durable option for a new garage door opener. The lack of moving parts also means the opener experiences very little wear and has a long life span.

Beyond design, the 2060 evo+ utilizes the latest security and safety technology to protect your home and family. From enhanced safety sensors to automatic locks, you can feel confident that this opener is securing your home. You can also upgrade this system to feature smartphone control. This allows you to monitor your garage from an app on your phone, even operating the door remotely. For all these reasons, if you want the in best quiet operation and peace of mind, you should select the SOMMER 2060 evo+ for your new garage door opener.

Garage Door Opener Specs
Drive Type – Direct

Motor – DC

Motor Power – 3/4 HP

Lifetime Warranty on motor
2- year warranty on accessories (photo sensors, wall station, transmitters, etc.)