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Low-E Glass Garage Door Roof Top

Project Description

Aaron Overhead Doors was contacted to bid a project in Atlanta GA for two Low-E insulated glass garage doors with black frames. The doors are dividing two spaces on a rooftop. The glass garage doors have a green tint to the windows because the Low-E glass creates the green tint on the glass.

One of our challenges on this job was delivering the doors to the top floor of a building without being able to use the elevator. We had to carry these very heavy glass garage doors up to the top floor of a parking deck to get to the pool area. These doors were installed in Atlanta GA.

Why Invest in Glass Garage Doors?

When installing a new garage door, choosing your material is an important decision. While many residential garages use steel, more unique options, like glass and wood, can make a huge difference in your home’s exterior. While wood requires heavy maintenance, glass is a low-maintenance option with many benefits.

Glass Door Features

Natural Light

Glass garage doors offer beautiful full views of natural light. This is a wonderful addition to residential or commercial properties. If you desire more privacy in your garage door, there are various types of glass that offer more privacy, such as tinted and frosted glass. You can also add darker finishes that will offer additional privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Glass garage doors are energy-efficient options, which is a great way to help the environment. With insulation, these doors can regulate temperature and noise control. Glass garage doors generally have high R-values, which shows their aptitude for energy efficiency.


The combination of aluminum and glass together results in a very durable garage door that will stand the test of time. If you desire a more heavy-duty door, you can have security glass installed. Glass garage doors are also low maintenance, which means you’ll just have to keep up with cleaning and regular garage door maintenance.

We Install Glass Garage Doors!

Are you looking to have a glass garage door installed? Aaron Overhead Doors is ready to handle your glass garage door project! Contact us today to learn more about our glass garage door installations.