Custom Mahogany Wood Garage Doors Atlanta GA

Custom Mahogany Wood Garage Doors

Project Details – Custom Mahogany Wood Garage Doors

These garage doors are a thing of beauty! We installed these custom mahogany wood garage doors near Atlanta GA. We chose to go with Ranch House Doors to make these doors because they are true craftsmen when it comes to the details. We had a few challenges, but we were blessed to have a customer that loved the quality and wanted to invest in their garage doors. 

Our customer lived in a wooded area and had a hard time with carpenter bees. Their goal was to get a dense wood species that was also great in our climate conditions for their new garage doors. After researching the different species available, they landed on mahogany. Mahogany wood garage doors at the size of some of his doors presenting some challenges due to the weight. We installed a total of five custom mahogany wood garage doors on this beautiful home. One garage door was for his camper and that door was extremely heavy, but we got the counterbalance right and installed the right garage door opener to lift the door.

Mahogany wood garage doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Real wood garage doors achieve a pleasing aesthetic that will instantly increase a home’s curb appeal. These specific mahogany wood garage doors not only look good, but they are sturdy and long-lasting. With regular maintenance, our client will be able to enjoy these custom mahogany wood garage doors for years to come! 

We love working with Ranch House Doors because they do a great job of building a door with incredible attention to detail, and they also do a great job of managing the springs and hardware properly. You’ll notice some photos are before the stain. We had Wesley at CWS Painting out of Cumming GA stain these doors for our client. They were extremely satisfied.

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