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wood tone amarr classica garage door



Project Description

This Walnut Amarr Classica 3000 garage door was installed in Gainesville GA in February 2020. Amarr built the Amarr Classica to resemble a custom wood door with the three sections. If you look closely, you’ll recognize that the sections are 28″ tall instead of four 21″ sections like most steel garage doors. Most custom wood garage doors are 3 28″ sections like the Amarr Classica Garage Door. You’ll also see that the sections are stamped but resemble an overlay door wit the designs available. Not many manufacturers offer a door with this many options and that is why we love the Amarr Classica.

Amarr Classica R-Value

The 3000 series of the Classica is a urethane injected insulated garage door and boasts an R-value of roughly 13.35 which is on the lower end for R-Value when comparing the Classica to its competitors that are also urethane injected.

Amarr Classica Faux Wood Tone Color (Walnut)

This particular door is Walnut in color. Walnut is a popular color with the Amarr Classica. Walnut is an upgrade and will cost you between $200 – $500 depending on the door size.

Amarr Classica Pricing

The Amarr Classica 3000 starts around $1,600 installed for an 8×7 and around $2,500 for a 16×7. The upgrade for windows is more than noticeable because of the 28″ sections the windows are also very large. The price to add windows can range from $250 – $600 for the Classica 3000.

LiftMaster WLED Opener

We matched this door with a LiftMaster WLED garage door opener. Both the Amarr Classica 3000 and the LiftMaster WLED are considered high-end products. The WLED has a lot of benefits like wifi for a mobile app, backup battery, and most noticeable is the LED lights that are very bright. The WLED is a belt drive opener with a soft start/soft stop feature that makes this garage door opener quite and is suggested for homes that have a bedroom above the garage.

Amarr Classica Warranty

The warranty on the Amarr Classica is incredible. They offer a lifetime for paint, workmanship, and hardware. However, they do break down the explanation of “lifetime” at amarr.com. It’s very unusual for a manufacturer to cover springs and workmanship for their doors.

Our Review of The Amarr Classica

We give the Amarr Classica garage door 2 thumbs up with the only knock being the “pinch-proof” hinges that are cheap and make a lot of noise shortly after install.
Amarr Classica Garage Door Brochure