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Garage Door Repair East Cobb GA

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Garage Door Repair East Cobb GA

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Here in East Cobb GA, Aaron Overhead Doors conducts garage door repairs with excellent customer service and a well-trained team. We are prepared to deal with a range of garage door repair East Cobb GA services with a focus on attention to detail and high-quality work. We value our customers and work diligently to provide the best service possible. 

Garage Door Opener Repair

Your garage door opener provides the essential function of powering all your garage door’s movement. When your opener is experiencing issues, your remote may not be working, your garage door won’t open, and you may hear strange noises from your garage door. When this happens, ensure that the opener light is on and try resetting the system. If you’ve verified that you aren’t experiencing electrical issues, you are most likely in need of garage door opener repair. Our garage door service professionals can come to diagnose the situation. If you need a replacement garage door opener, our team at Aaron Overhead Doors can help recommend our favorite products. If you need garage door repair East Cobb GA, contact us for the best garage door opener repairs and installations.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage door springs work to carry building tension that forms under the weight of the garage door. Garage door springs are crucial to garage door operation, and due to their use each day, can snap due to extreme wear and tear. Garage door springs tend to last about 7-10 years if properly maintained. Once your springs are damaged, you must schedule garage door spring replacement as soon as possible. This is when you call a local garage door company you can trust to perform your garage door repair East Cobb GA. Our team here at Aaron Overhead Doors is ready to perform your garage door spring replacement to restore your system to prime condition. 

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Garage Door Cable Replacement 

Garage door cables are crucial due to their partnering job with springs. They both work together to power a pulley system which the garage door runs on. We typically see two issues with cables: they become loose and fall out of their drum, or they snap. If they have just become loose, we can go in and fix it. When a cable has snapped, it will need garage door cable replacement. Make sure you let us here at Aaron Overhead Doors handle your garage door repair East Cobb GA, as working with garage door cables can be quite precarious. If you are not trained, it could result in serious injury. We are confident we can service the East Cobb area with any garage door cable replacement needs. 

Garage Door Roller Replacement 

Garage door rollers keep your door running on its track. Over time, they can experience some damage due to wear and tear. This may cause your garage door to move slower or to have jerky movements. This isn’t good for the maintenance of your garage door system, as it can cause further damage to other parts. Nylon rollers tend to last about 10k cycles, which translates to around 6-7 years. Make sure you schedule garage door roller replacement when it’s needed, to prevent unnecessary damage. If the door pops out of the track, it will need to be fixed by one of our service technicians. Because the garage door is so heavy, it can be very dangerous to try to fix this yourself. Instead, call us for same day garage door repair East Cobb GA.

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If you are experiencing any garage door issues around East Cobb, make sure to contact us here at Aaron Overhead Doors. We provide service like no other garage door company and are committed to ensuring the best garage repairs possible. We would love to serve your home with garage door repair East Cobb today!