Traditional Short Panel Raised 9×7 W/ Dutch Opening & Windows Suwanee GA

Project Description

We installed this traditional short panel raised garage door in Suwanee GA. We took out old wood doors and replaced them with CHI 2251 steel insulated garage doors. CHI reports a 8 R-Value on these doors not taking into consideration the windows are not insulated. Windows as seen here can be placed on any of the three intermediate sections. This customer chose to put them on section #3 which is the second from the top. As you can see the main reason for that was the homeowner did not want the windows to be obstructed by the opening being that the corners are a 45 degree angle. Due to a low headroom situation we chose to put these doors on “low headroom track”. You can tell it’s low headroom track because its got a dual horizontal track. The top track holds the top roller and the other 3 rollers slide in the bottom part of the track. This helps the top section fold back quicker resulting in less headroom needed.

CHI 2251 insulated short panel raised with windows (Color: Almond)

April 8, 2018
Suwanee GA Traditional
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