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Aaron Overhead Garage Doors is a turn key garage door company based in Buford GA. We are a family owned and operator garage door company with a focus on doing business the right way. We offer garage door replacement/install as well as garage door and opener repair. We provide LiftMaster garage door openers and we repair most garage door opener brands.

What makes us unique is the way we treat our employees and our strategy to the market. In a time where homeowners confidence in the service providers they hire is at an all time low we strive to overachieve by always providing our best and completing every task we set out for with excellence.

Aaron Overhead Doors was originally founded in 1968 in California. The Conte’s own Aaron Overhead Door California and Larry is the owner. Larry and Ryan Lucia (Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta) are great friends. Ryan the owner of Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta was hired by Larry and Aaron Overhead Doors California when he had a marketing and consulting firm. After learning much about the garage door business through research Ryan fell in love with the business and opportunity and worked with Larry to launch the 3rd location of Aaron Overhead Doors. The vision is to grow this company from 3 locations to 10 over the next 15 years.

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Who We Are


The core of what we do is about giving back. Since launching we have installed garage doors, openers, and even done repairs for free to people in need. In 2015 we donated enough money to feed 20 families for thanksgiving.

In 2016 we launched a hardship program that allows us to vote internally on people we help and how much.


Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta was founded on a commitment to excellence. Our commitment is to provide excellent customer service, excellent workmanship, and excellent communication.

We do this by hiring the best and training them in a way that makes us different.


Aaron Overhead Doors Atlanta is owned by Ryan Lucia who is married to Stephenie Lucia and they have two kids Evie and Asher.

Ryan’s background is sales and marketing and has spend a lot of time growing small businesses. A true entrepreneur at heart Ryan enjoys employing people and helping homeowners find garage doors that bring out the beauty in your home.


The owner Ryan Lucia is committed to creating a great work environment for our employees. Being part of the executive leadership team of a major technology company he learned a lot about how to treat people.

Our philosophy is to treat our employees like family and put them first. In our experience, if we hire the right people and treat them really well that tends to result into a great experience for our customers.


"Cody was very professional and very clear in his explanations. He was patient as we asked a number of questions. We look forward to continuing to work with Cody and Aaron Overhead Doors."