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We are a LiftMaster dealer. We can also repair and replace Genie & Chamberlin however, we are a huge fan of the LiftMaster garage door opener. We offer motors/openers and installation. Below we will show you a few of the motors we most commonly sell. If you have any questions feel free to call and ask 678-960-3360.

Our prices are very competitive with the Home Depot’s and Lowe’s of the world. The primary difference is our motors are more rigorously tested and they come with a one piece rail instead of a rail that comes in pieces. The one piece rail is important for stability and noise.

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900 Newton DC Motor Belt Drive (equivalent to a 3/4 hp motor)

Liftmaster 8550W-267

Call for the monthly special on this amazing garage door opener 678-960-3360

LiftMaster 8550W

The LiftMaster 8550W is our favorite garage door opener. It is a belt drive and is loaded some some very useful features including the latest safety features. LiftMaster commonly runs promotions so our prices vary from month to month. 900 nutted motor equivalent to a 1/2 HP motor.


  • Built In Wifi For Mobile App (MyQ Technology)
  • Backup Battery
  • 1 Remote
  • Lifetime Coverage on Motor & Belt
  • 1 Piece Belt Drive Rail
  • Security + 2.0

LiftMaster 8355 3/4 HP

The LiftMaster 8355 1/2 HP Belt Drive Elite Series is a great motor for just about all doors.


  • MyQ Technology (Need Additional Hardware)
  • 1 Remote
  • 1 Piece Belt Drive Rail
  • Security + 2.0

1/2 hp AC Belt Drive

LiftMaster 8355 Opener

24 Volt DC Motor

LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft Opener

LiftMaster 8500

The LiftMaster 8500 Jackshaft garage door opener is unlike the typical garage door opener. The LiftMaster 8500 is mounted on the same wall as the door and uses the torsion bar to open and close the garage door. There is no motor rail. This motor isn’t for every opening so consult with a professional before purchase.


  • Great For Vertical High Lift
  • Quiet Operation
  • Battery Backup (Purchase Required)
  • MyQ Technology (Requires Additional Hardware)

LiftMaster Dealer

Aaron Overhead Doors is a LiftMaster dealer. We offer all LiftMaster products and do garage door installation.

Garage Door Opener Accessories

If you are looking for garage door accessories we are your choice. We can either ship the parts to you or we can install them for you. Call for availability and pricing.

LiftMaster Keypad 877 Max

LiftMaster Keypad

LiftMaster Universal Keypad

Universal Keypad

LiftMaster 895 Max Remote

3 Button Liftmaster Remote

Garage door keychain remote

Keychain LiftMaster Remote

Garage Door Repeater Homelink

Homelink Adaptor

880LM Garage Door Wall Button

LiftMaster Wall Button