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Modern Fullview Glass Garage Doors Atlanta GA

Project Details – Modern Full View Glass Garage Doors Atlanta GA

Modern Full View Glass Garage Doors installed in Atlanta GA. This home may or may not have been the home of a famous professional football player. Because of the work we do, word spreads fast. Homeowners want the best. We were hired to install 5 modern glass garage doors with black frames and clear tempered glass. This home was beautiful before, but now when you arrive at the garage you can see his classic cars and it brings a lot of light into the garage. This client wasn’t worried about privacy because they have a very private home with a secured gate.

This was a fun project and our client wanted to stay anonymous so we didn’t even tell our team who they were working for. It’s not uncommon for famous Atlantians to reach out and want to stay private but work exclusively with our design consultants to choose the perfect garage doors for their homes. We even work with home designers.

This simple full view glass garage door adds an extra level of sophistication to this Atlanta home. The black frames match perfectly with the home’s exterior, and make the door timeless! Every time our customer enters their garage, they will be greeted by natural lighting that will illuminate the entire space. We are confident this tasteful, glass garage door will stand beautifully for many years to come. This is just one option of modern glass garage doors Arm-R-Lite carries, so we are sure we can help you achieve your modern garage door when you are ready! 

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