Pedestrian Walk Through Door Installed Inside Glass Garage Door

Pedestrian Walk Through Door In Glass Garage Door

Pedestrian Walk Through Door Installed in Glass Garage Door

As a leader in glass garage doors, Aaron Overhead Doors gets the opportunity to work on many challenging and unique garage door installations in the Metro Atlanta Area. This job required a custom glass garage door with a pass-through door, or pedestrian door, inside of it. This resembled a storefront design. We chose ArmRLite to build and supply the door because they always come through when it comes to building structurally strong and beautiful glass garage doors. Not many companies attempt this type of customization to begin with, but for ArmRLite and Aaron Overhead Doors, it was a smooth, easy process.

Although the demand for pass-through garage doors isn’t extremely high, we believe this is because not a lot of people know about them. The few that do typically underestimate the price tag. However, glass garage doors with a pedestrian pass-through door are a unique solution that could apply to many businesses including fire departments, restaurants or wineries, retail storefronts, auto repair shops, and so many more. Pass-through garage doors are extremely functional and beautiful but keep in mind that you need to have a budget that can pay for them.

What is an ADA-Compliant Pass-Through Garage Door?

The unique product featured in these images is an ADA-compliant pass-through garage door. This means it is constructed of glass sections like a typical overhead door, but it also has a fully functional pedestrian door inserted in the middle. It is also ADA-compliant, meaning it has a no step-over bottom rail. This makes it easy for wheelchairs and people with disabilities to seamlessly enter the property. These incredible glass garage doors operate as both an entrance with a pedestrian door and a garage door that can rest fully overhead.

ArmRLite’s ADA-compliant pass-through doors are available up to 10 feet wide on their Titan model glass garage doors. Their step-over pass-through doors are available on their Titan and Electra model glass garage doors.  

Beyond unique customizations like pedestrian doors, ArmRLite garage doors are also highly customizable in design. There are four standard anodized aluminum finishes: black, carnival red, clear, and dark bronze. There are also a wide variety of custom finishes including faux wood, fluropon, and powder-coating. When it comes to designing your ArmRLite glass garage doors, your imagination is the limit!

How ArmRLite Offers the Best Solutions

For over 60 years, ArmRLite has been a leader in designing and producing quality glass garage doors. Home and business owners across America rely on their great products to run reliably and look great. Their glass and aluminum garage doors are made with a 100% welded construction and offer a high degree of customization. ArmRLite’s unique garage door solutions – like this ADA-compliant walk-through garage door – also make them the best option for homes and businesses with unique needs. We can’t recommend ArmRLite products enough!

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Aaron Overhead Doors has three locations: Buford, Milton, and Buckhead. Our Milton and Buckhead locations have full garage door showrooms with glass garage doors on display. We would love to help you choose the best glass garage door for your home or business and install it with expert attention to detail. As a local leader in garage doors, we are prepared to help find the best solution for whatever unique needs your property has. Contact us today to learn more about pass-through glass garage doors or to schedule a consultation with one of our experts. We would love to set up a free consultation with you.

Details Overview

Garage Door Brand: ArmRLite

Garage Door Model: Titan

Garage Door Color: Anodized Black Aluminum