Interior Glass Garage Door Kitchen Space

Interior Glass Garage Door In Home

Glass Garage Door Installed Inside of Home

Glass garage doors are being installed in a lot of different places these days. We have installed them in basements, pool houses, living rooms, bedrooms, porches, and restaurants. We have even installed mini glass garage doors on countertops! Interior designers view these doors as a glass wall that opens, allowing light into the space and creating an extremely unique experience for guests. For homeowners who love to entertain, interior glass garage doors will get your guests talking when they enter your home!

Garage Door Details

Because this glass garage door was installed inside a home instead of in a garage, we had to come up with some unique solutions to make it both functional and aesthetically pleasing. As you can see, this garage door was designed to go straight up – unlike a traditional garage door that goes up and back horizontally, resting parallel to the floor. Garage door companies call this type of garage door installation a vertical lift or high lift. This gave the garage door a seamless look, incorporating it into the natural architecture of the home. 

For the brand and model of this full-view glass garage door, our homeowners chose an Arm-R-Lite Titan. This door boasts a heavy-duty, welded aluminum frame and full-view glass sections. The symmetrical rails and stiles create a clean look, perfect for modern home design. This customer chose an anodized black aluminum frame to match the black and white details of their home’s architecture. However, Arm-R-Lite doors are also available in clear, dark bronze, or carnival red anodized aluminum. They can also produce virtually endless custom finishes including faux wood, fluropon, and powder-coating. 

Why a Full-View Glass Garage Door?

Full-view glass garage doors are the best choice for interior doors because their wide glass panels allow plenty of natural light into a space. They provide all the benefits of large windows with the added perk of mobility. When this interior glass garage door is lifted up, the entertainment space doubles in size between the living room and dining room. This creates a comfortable and unique space for our homeowners and their guests. 

Even better, glass garage doors are easy to clean and maintain. Just like regular windows, you can clean glass doors with a mild detergent and water, ensuring a stunning look for many years. Glass garage doors also only require minimum maintenance like a tune-up every 1-2 years to lubricate and tighten moving parts, check for wear, and perform a door balance test. 

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There are many garage door options out there and it can be difficult to know which one will best suit the needs of your home. That’s why, as the local leader in glass garage doors, we strive to provide the best experience when helping homeowners choose a new garage door. Our team of industry-certified technicians and design consultants are here to answer your questions and recommend the best new garage door for your home!

Aaron Overhead Doors has three Georgia locations: Buford, Milton, and Buckhead. Our Milton and Buckhead locations feature full showrooms with glass garage doors on display so our customers can experience their options in person and make the best choice for their homes.

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Details Overview

Garage Door Brand: Arm-R-Lite

Garage Door Model: Titan

Garage Door Color: Anodized Black Aluminum

Garage Door Opener Brand: Genie

Garage Door Opener Model: 6170