CHI Steel Accent Plank Garage Doors - Aaron Overhead Doors


Project Description

Our clients in Cumming, GA requested this garage door specifically. They built a detached garage for their home and wanted the doors to stand out because they were the first things visitors saw when they pulled up. They wanted the doors to be sleek, modern, and have a wood tone. He and his wife did research and settled on these particular doors, but they had doubts about certain aspects of the doors. They are so different than most garage doors that the thought of doing something bold like this made them second guess. Our client also had concerns about the door looking “realistic”. However, the doors exceeded their expectations!

Door: CHI 3285P
Color: Dark Oak (Accent Series)
Construction: 3 Layer Insulated
Windows: No
Motors: LiftMaster 8550W
Location: Cumming, GA