Have you ever noticed the belt power lifters wear around their waist while performing power cleans or squats? This doesn’t in any way increase their strength, yet most lifters will agree that this as a very necessary gear investment. Why? Its all about the support. With the belt, the lifter can now adequately support the weight, thus relieving any unnecessary stress in areas it shouldn’t be.

In the same way, this is how we view garage door struts.

Garage door struts are used to give support so the garage door is supported evenly while moving up and down. Even so, just sitting in the up position can put a lot of strain in the middle of a steel garage door that isn’t properly supported by a garage door strut. In some cases, even 2, 3, or 4 struts are required. Before you run out and buy a strut and start adding them to your garage door you must be aware that they change the weight of your garage door and in some cases you will need to go with a more heavy duty spring. Check out our next blog on garage door springs.