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Aaron Overhead Doors isn’t just a garage door company. We also service, repair, and install gate operators. We service all brands and types of gate operators. What makes us different is our turnaround time as well as our ability to diagnose the problem so you don’t have nagging issues. We understand how inconvenient a broken gate operator is, so we try to be on your property within 24-hours of your call. Diagnosing the issue on site, we have the necessary tools and parts to quickly repair your issue and help you get back to your day. For install, we can match your gate with the best gate opener/operator. We have a great relationship with the major manufacturers to get you an operator rated for durability and longevity.

When choosing the right company, you have to know the people behind it. Anyone can install a gate operator, but not many can install it right. Most gate companies subcontract their operators out. This can leave you with a poor quality operator and shoddy workmanship while the subcontractor collects a profit. Instead, get a quality operator from us. We stock the best LiftMaster gate operators with the latest safety and security technology. These measures include Security+ 2.0 which uses encrypted signals to open your gate, a quick close feature to prevent an intruder from tailgating onto your property, and safety reversing to protect your car and family. These features will set you up with an operator you can trust for decades.

For access solutions, you choose between automated and control. Automated lets you set up your gate to open at the same time every day. Maybe to open automatically when your child gets off the bus at 3 o’clock. Controlled access allows you to access your gate opener from an app of your phone. This means you could open the door for a service professional or family member when they arrive at the gate. Both of these options provide you with the control to protect your home on your terms.

Why You Should Consider a Controlled Access Solution for Your Property

Security – The best feature of a new gate operator is the security it adds to your home or business. This barrier, monitored by you, will not allow intruders. Now you no longer have to worry about protecting your home. The operator puts the power of keeping your family safe back into your hands. You can even outfit it with cameras and an activity log that is automatically recorded. You won’t have to wonder if your home is secure because you will have proof that it is.

Privacy – By ensuring the security of your home, you also create a greater amount of privacy. Now salesmen, strangers, and—let’s be honest—neighbors can no longer access your home without permission. You track the gate through your operator, determining who you want to enter. The privacy of new gate operator makes your home the safe, personal space it should be.

Convenience – A higher amount of security and privacy does not mean sacrificing convenience. You can access your operator through several devices including a keypad, remote, or app on your phone. So whether you want to type in a numerical code or open your gate remotely, the choice is yours. The latest advancement is the MyQ app which you can download for free on your phone. This creates the greatest amount of ease for gate operation as it functions with a touch, keeps a log of activity, and alerts you when the gate opens and closes. You can even program it to automatically open the gate as your car pulls up.

Common Gate Operator Repairs

Sagging Gates – Your gate may be sagging due to loose hinges or gate posts. We have the necessary tools to repair this by tightening the hardware. We will also run a maintenance check on your operator to make sure it is running your gate at full strength.

Stuck Gates – Your gate may not be opening because it is stuck. This can happen with sliding gates if you have bent tracks or if debris piles up. We will check the length of the gate and run troubleshooting tests to get it running again.

Noisy Operation – This could mean your parts are wearing out and need replacement. We can offer you a maintenance appointment where we check your parts and apply lubrication to get your gate working at its best. We will also want to check the operator to make sure it is not running too hard or overworking the motor.

Opens on Its Own – If your gate intermittently opens on its own, it could be an issue with the electrical wiring. This could be a simple issue with electrical connection to your home or a more serious issue with the operator. We will check the input and run troubleshooting tests. We will either repair the issue on site or offer you an affordable option for a new operator.

If you’re interested in controlled or automated access to your home or community, we can help!

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