It’s pouring down rain, the SUV’s full of groceries, you press the garage door opener, and wait, and wait. Your remote stopped working, the garage door won’t open, and first thing that comes to mind is the batteries are dead. We’ll look at other possibilities here to help you figure it out.

Old batteries need to be replaced.
Weak or dead batteries can be one problem. Batteries generally last about 3-5 years and it’s best to use name-brand quality batteries versus discounted brands. You should change your batteries every three years, but if you’ve replaced the batteries and still no luck, read on to see if we can help.

The circuit board is bad.
After a while, your garage door opener’s circuit board can go bad. The garage door opener might be old and worn out. But, it’s more likely your circuit board failed after a lightening storm. The circuit board is very sensitive to power surges, so it’s important to verify your opener is surge-protected. If you’ve recently experienced a storm, this is most likely the culprit. A sign the circuit board is going bad is when your garage door tries to open and shut, but doesn’t know when to stop. See Common Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening.

There’s interference somewhere.
Radio frequencies are everywhere and they can interfere with your garage door opener. Airports, television or radio transmission towers, power lines, cell phone towers, appliances within 10-15 feet of the receiver, wireless doorbells, and computers are just a few things that can cause interference. Sometimes, the radio-frequency interference (RFI) comes into the garage through the house wiring because circuit breaker boxes are near garage door openers. If you figure out what’s causing it, you can take measures to either unplug it or remove it. But, if you can’t figure out the cause, you’ll need to do some investigating to figure out what’s causing interference, then go from there.

The codes changed and the remote can’t communicate with the opener.
The code may have gotten “lost” or scrambled and the remote isn’t communicating with the opener anymore. In this case, you’ll need to reprogram your remote. It might be a good idea to reference your garage door opener’s manual so you can ensure to do it correctly.

If none of these ideas work, it may be time to replace the remote.

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