Genie 3120H Garage Door Opener

Genie 3120H & 2130HB Garage Door Openers

Price: $375 + $25 for 2130HB
  • DC motor for smooth, quiet operation
  • Soft start and stop, creating less noise and wear for the door
  • Rapid opening speed at 7.0 in/sec
  • Integrated with Aladdin Connect smart capabilities
  • Intellicode Security to secure your garage with every use
  • Total price: $575 with the listed price of $375 and $200 in labor + $25 for 2130HB with backup battery
  • Includes two remotes and a keypad
  • $25 Extra for 8-foot tall doors

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The Genie 3120H and 2130HB garage door openers are available in belt or chain drive options to fit the needs of your home. Either of these great drive options give you a consistently great performance. The 3120H and 2130HB are built with strong DC motors that ensure reliable function and smooth operation. This gives you Soft Start & Stop Control and an opening speed of up to 7.0 in/sec. With this emphasis on user control and durable construction, you can be sure you’re getting the best new garage door opener when you choose the Genie 3120H or 2130HB. 

Beyond just the unique benefits of the 3120H and 2130HB, all Genie products come standard with the latest security and safety technology. These include Safe-T-Beam and IntelliCode so you can always feel confident that your garage door is safe for your family and a guarded entrance for your home. The 3120H also comes with integrated Aladdin Connect technology for remote opening and voice control abilities through an app on your smartphone. So when it’s time for you to upgrade your garage door opener, look no further than Genie. 

The Genie 3120H Includes:
  • 1 Keypad
  • 2 Pre-Programmed Wireless Remotes
  • Aladdin Connect Integration

**We recommend including a Back-up Battery for a low additional cost to ensure you can operate your garage door even in power outages and malfunctions with your opener. 

Garage Door Opener Specs

Drive Type – Belt or Chain

Motor – DC

  • Motor Warranty: Limited 15-Year
  • Parts Warranty: Limited 5-Year
  • Optional Accessories: Limited 1-Year
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