Genie 3120H Garage Door Opener - New Garage Door Openers
Genie 3120H Garage Door Opener

Genie 3120H & 2130HB Garage Door Openers

Price: $375 + $25 for 2130HB
  • DC motor for smooth, quiet operation
  • Soft start and stop, creating less noise and wear for the door
  • Rapid opening speed at 7.0 in/sec
  • Integrated with Aladdin Connect smart capabilities
  • Intellicode Security to secure your garage with every use
  • Total price: $575 with the listed price of $375 and $200 in labor + $25 for 2130HB with backup battery
  • Includes two remotes and a keypad
  • $25 Extra for 8-foot tall doors

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