We get a lot of calls from customers asking for our cheapest garage door. As the consumer we understand that you want to know you’re getting the best deal. The cheapest price, however, may not be the deal you’re looking for. Garage door companies are trained to do what you ask of them, and may not be giving you the expert advice you deserve.

Lets discuss what I’m talking about.

When shopping for a new garage door, you have four or five options to choose from. This is speaking for thickness. The two primary thicknesses are 1 & 3/8” thick, and 2” thick garage doors. The other options are non-insulated, vinyl back or 2 layer insulated garage door, and a sandwich or triple layer insulated garage door.

We will cover the advantages and disadvantages of these options for different garage door openings.

Check out our next blog on what you need to know based on the size of your garage door.