New Garage Door Prices

Steel 8×7 Garage Doors Cost Between $500 – $900 Installed

Steel 9×8 Garage Door Cost Between $650 – $950 Installed

Steel 16×7 Garage Door Cost Between $850 – $1,680 Installed.

Price ranges above are for traditional style short panel raised garage doors without windows. Starting with non insulated going to fully insulated. Insulation range is form 0 to 18 R-Value. Prices quotes are without windows. Windows can range from $90 to $350 for a garage. Prices quoted are for standard openings and include tracks, rollers, hinges, drums, cables, bottoms seal, torsion bar, end bearing plates, center bearing plate, and torsion springs.

Optional accessories include operator bracket, vinyl weather trim, extended life torsion springs, windows and inserts, upgraded nylon rollers, garage door openers, decorative handles and hinges, and upgraded tracks.