Garage Door Repair Prices

Garage door repair isn’t typically a large expense. Most garage door repairs will run from $150 – $400 depending on what needs to be done. Popular repairs like spring replacement will start at $225 for a standard 8×7 requiring only one spring. A 16×7 will start around $275 to replace both springs. With every spring change we do we also perform a thorough tune up & safety inspection. This is important because most people don’t service their garage door on a regular basis and it can cost around $120 – $150 to have someone come out and service a door.

We don’t typically charge to come out and inspect a door if you will work around our schedule. If you want us to squeeze you in for a special trip we may charge for this service. We typically book out a day or two on repairs however, we usually leave a few slots open for emergency repairs.

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