Project Description

Our client had some idea of what they wanted but contacted us very early in the process. We helped them narrow down their choice. Using the CHI door designer tool we used a photo of their home to place the door on their home so they could get a visual of what it would look like prior to purchase. The homeowner requested we install a custom track on the small door and standard track on the big door. The small door has 32″ radius causing the door to go closer to the ceiling. We also installed an 8500W operator on that side and an 8550W from Liftmaster on the big door. The doors aren’t cheap but they totally transformed the curb appeal of this house. The windows are larger than most steel doors allowing a lot of light but also a better look from the outside. This door was ordered in white on white but was painted two tone to give it a more 2 demential look and match the colors of the house. This client is over the moon excited with the end result.

Brochure for this door: