A commercial garage door operator is the motor that functions with your springs and cables in order to lift your heavy door. That is why it is vital that it work reliably and efficiently every day. Beyond this, your operator determines the safety of your employees and the security of your business. In fact, a modern operator comes outfitted with the technology to automatically lock your door, enhanced safety eyes to prevent accidents, and warning mechanisms to ensure that employees and customers are aware of the moving door. No longer do you have to worry about your commercial door being a potential entry point for burglars; trust in the upgraded abilities of a new operator.

The right commercial operator can make a world of difference for your business. Never rely on an operator that wasn’t built with quality materials and rated for your garage door and level of use. However, a great operator cannot function at its best unless it’s install by a great garage door company. Here at Aaron Overhead Door, we specialize in commercial operator installation and repair. With the best customer service, the finest products, and highly trained technicians, we seek to provide an excellent experience from the first consultation to the final inspection. To aid us in this goal, we give free new door or operator inspections and quotes. Additionally, we have low hourly rates on repair appointments. No matter your specific operator needs, we are ready to help. We will get your business back and running quickly so that you can succeed.

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Our Operators

Reliability and efficiency are the two most important features you need for your commercial garage door operator, so those are the features we prioritize. We have tested multiple operator brands and found that we prefer the LiftMaster and Manaras operators for their ability to perform in those two areas. Although we install, repair, and service all the major brands of commercial operators, those two brands remain our favorite. In terms of operator types, we install both side-mount and overhead operators. We can guide you in selecting which type will best suit your business.



LiftMaster Garage Door Opener

LiftMaster is frequently chosen by our commercial customers for their ability to deliver durability at an affordable. They have a wide range of motor options from light-duty to industrial to specialized operators for fire doors. No matter the weight of your door or set up of your business space, they have the operator to fit your needs. Additionally, their operators are outfitted with a wide range of safety and convenience devices to improve your business.

Manaras Garage Door Opener


Manaras specializes in commercial garage door operators that can fit any business. With over thirty years of experience, you can trust the quality of their systems and accessories. They have multiple options in jackshaft, trolley, and sliding door operators. Beyond this, they are known for bringing a wide range of customization options to their customers. Whatever the specific demands of your company, Manaras will build an operator to serve you for decades to come.

Track Options

Track conversions are often needed in order to properly install a commercial garage door in a business. Depending on the height of your ceilings and whether or not you need a lift, we can offer you several options. Low head room, high lift, and vertical lift are the most common specialized tracks you might need. In addition, we also install track options in the standard radius varieties. If you have a standard track currently but would like to upgrade, we also offer high and vertical lift track conversions.

Vertical Highlift

High Lift

A high lift track is a great option if you have taller ceilings and need extra room. For these tracks, our technicians will install extra attachments in order to bring your radius up. This allows the garage door to sit closer to the ceiling and gives you a larger clearance space. With this specialized track, you can move larger vehicles and store cars or equipment on a lift.

Vertical Highlift

Vertical Lift

Vertical lift tracks operate similarly to high lift tracks but allow your door to sit even higher. Like the name sounds, these tracks lift your door straight up so that it rests completely our of the way when not in use. In fact, it will sit straight and slightly back against the wall when in the upward position. This type of track works best for a business with very high ceilings.

Our Commercial Garage Door Operator Brands

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers
Micanan Nice Commercial Operators
Cornell Commercial Garage Door Operators
Manaras Commercial Garage Door Operators

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