Every year around this time the weather tends to cool a bit in the morning. When this happens our phones tend to go a bit crazy. This is due to broken garage door springs. Springs hold the weight of your garage door and can be dangerous so please do not attempt to touch them or replace them. You also do not want to try to force the door open with your garage door opener.

If you have a single car garage door (either 8×7 or 9×7) you may only have 1 spring which can reduce the cost of a spring change. A two car garage typically has 2 springs. The weight of the door usually determines the cost of replacement.

If your garage door springs haven’t broken but you would like to check the health of them, do this test.

1) dis-engage the opener
2) lift the garage door to your knees and release
3) lift the garage door to your waist and release
4) lift the garage door to your shoulders and release slowly making sure it doesn’t fall full force

If the door is heavy to open or the door falls your springs need to be tightened or replaced. The door should stay in place if the springs are perfectly balanced. If you choose to tighten the springs, there is no guarantee how long they will last. Springs have 2 resting places, open and closed. If you wind the springs a few quarter turns the spring is now resting in a position with more resistance. As you can imagine that can cause the spring to break sooner.

If you do not tighten the springs it can put undue stress on the motor and the motor can burn up. Instead of a few hundred dollars you are now looking at $500 to $700 for a motor and springs.  We always suggest changing the springs if the door is heavy but we educate the homeowner and allow them to choose.

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