Broken Garage Door Cable Repair

Garage door cables are a critical part to the operation of the garage door. The entire weight of the door is pulled up by garage door cables. Garage door cables wrap around cable drums and clip onto the bottom bracket of the garage door. Cables need to be in good working condition with no frays or damage. Any weak spot in the cables could cause major issues for the operation of your garage door and can be very dangerous.

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Loose Garage Door Cable Repair | Atlanta, GA | Aaron Overhead Doors
Broken Garage Door Cable Repair | Atlanta, GA | Aaron Overhead Doors


In many cases our customers assume that the garage door cable is broken but it has only come out of the drum. The garage door cable actually clips into the drum and the tension set on the garage door torsion springs holds them in place. In some cases if no damage was done to the cable we can just reset the garage door cable in the drum.

We don’t recommend doing this yourself. It should only be done by a garage door repair specialist.

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Important things to know is how tall your garage door is. We typically stock 8 and 9 ft tall garage door cables.