Have you ever considered buying a black garage door? We have noticed an increase in searches for black garage doors recently, and they actually seem to be becoming quite popular these days, especially in the Atlanta area.

Contrary to what you may think when you first hear “Black garage door”, they are not as bold as they may seem. Black garage doors have been trending in the Atlanta market over the last 12 months, and there’s no question why. Depending on the style of your home, black garage doors have the ability to give your home a more modern appearance.

Don’t pick up the paint just yet.

While painting your garage door may seem like a quick affordable way to obtain a fresh new look, it’s not recommended. When you paint your garage door black, the paint can actually draw much more heat than what you bargained for, thus becoming counterproductive to your energy costs.

There are, however, new garage doors that come painted with a black paint that will actually deflect much of the unwanted heat from your home. You also have the option of choosing a black glass garage door that can really set off a new modern look.